Saturday, 7 August 2010

Golden Viking Helmet!

Hello, I'm Shaun. I've just finished a games design course at City College Brighton, and I have decided to take a year away from education and gain some experience in the games industry as a 3D artist. FuturLab have kindly let me work on their Coconut Dodge items for PlayStation Home. I am aiming to post my progress up each week :)

The first thing I worked on was the Golden Viking Helmet, which gives a player invincibility in Coconut Dodge. Over the past few days I have been learning the process for putting the models into Home. Each model needs three LODs (Levels of Detail), which you can see below.

As you can see, each LOD model needs to have less and less detail, which makes them look a bit blocky... The further away you are from the helmet the lower in detail it gets, so you should never have to see the blocky models. 

The tricky part of this project is trying to get the same cartoony style as in the game. I would also like to mention that these probably aren't final until you see them in Home :)


  1. very interesting i can't wait the next step

  2. Love the helmets! I wanna see some crab claws please!!!

  3. yeah, great job on the helmet, looks fantastic!
    I really hope you can design a coconut hat! :)

  4. Your helmet is awesome, cant wait to see more of it.

  5. Hi Shaun - the helmet looks great! Keep up the good work! :-)